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September 13, 2021 • Mike Huber

Xtreme Edge: Contractor Q&A

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Xtreme Edge is our newest structural edging solution for hardscapes. It offers permanent continuous lateral support and can be used on a variety of different applications including: traditional, permeable, Gator Base, and overlays. In this post, we’re going to answer the most commonly asked questions we get from contractors about this innovative new product.


Plastic edging is so easy to work with. Why would I use Xtreme Edge?

There are several advantages to using Xtreme Edge. First of all, it’s incredibly strong (over twice as strong as traditional concrete!). And depending on your experience and comfort level in working with concrete, it really can be just as fast and efficient to install as regular edge restraint.

Xtreme Edge truly shines when it comes to permeable or open-graded installations. In fact, we created Xtreme Edge in response to a need we saw in the marketplace for edging for these types of applications. Plastic edge restraint just doesn’t work very well in permeable and open-graded installations. Spikes don’t hold in clean stone … they can easily be pulled right out or be pushed laterally … so they don’t offer a lot of support. Using Xtreme Edge, you can lock into the clean 3/4” stone underneath to form an incredibly strong and secure edge restraint.

What's the coverage? 

Xtreme Edge comes in a 50 lb. Bag. One bag will give you 10-15 linear feet depending on the base you’re using. If you’re doing a permeable installation, you’ll get a little less coverage than you would on a traditional base or a concrete overlay.

How much water do I use for the mix?

You’ll need a half gallon of water per bag of Xtreme Edge. The water-to-cement ratio is important so don’t use any more or any less than the recommended half gallon. It will ensure the proper strength and performance of the product. Too much water will make it weaker and difficult to work with. When you first start mixing, it might feel like a half gallon wasn’t enough. However, the mixture will definitely get to the right consistency. Be sure to respect the water ratio to get the best mix possible.

What's the set time?

We use a blend of regular and fast setting cements in the Xtreme Edge mix. You’ll achieve a pretty firm set-up in about 6 hours. 

What's the best temperature to install in?

Concrete will perform optimally when installed between 40 and 80 degrees. With that said, Xtreme Edge can effectively be installed in temperatures over freezing.

Can you grow grass over Xtreme Edge?

Certainly! Due to the strength of Xtreme Edge, you don’t need to have as much up against the paver edge to form a great, long lasting edge restraint. You can put top soil right on top of the edge, plant grass seed, and it will grow on top of the edging. Grass is pretty tenacious and will eventually grow its way up to the edge of the paving stones.

How far up the side of the paver should I build my edge?

If you’re working with pavers, your edging should come up about an inch from the bottom of the paver. It should also be at a 30 degree angle away from the pavers. If you’re working with natural stone and it’s only an inch thick, you’re not going to want to come up an inch with the Xtreme Edge. In this case, you’d want to build the edge to come up to half the height of the stone.

After installing Xtreme Edge, how long should I wait to compact or install polymeric sand?

With Xtreme Edge, you can do the final compaction of your pavers or install polymeric sand right away.

What’s the main difference between traditional concrete mix and Xtreme Edge?

Xtreme Edge has two major advantages over traditional concrete mix. First, it’s polymer-modified. The addition of polymers reduces the amount of water you have to put into the mix as well as makes the product easier to mix. It also makes Xtreme Edge more flexible than traditional concrete. (Note: Flexible concrete is an oxymoron. Extreme Edge is no exception … it’s not very flexible. However, because of the added polymers, it does have a little more give to it than your traditional bagged concrete mix.)

Secondly, the 3D micro-fiber-mesh in Xtreme Edge is a major differentiator. They will expand into a matrix as the product gets mixed and will provide support throughout the entire edge restraint structure. Concrete can crack and Xtreme Edge is no exception. Fortunately, all of the fiber that’s added to it will ensure that it doesn’t fall apart and disintegrate. You’ll have a long-lasting edge restraint that still provides support against lateral movement whether it cracks a little bit or not.  

Still have questions on Xtreme Edge? Be sure to watch the ON-DEMAND training session we have available online!


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