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June 27, 2019 • Mike Huber

Why Gator Base Is Not For Every Job

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Gator Base is a great fit for a wide variety of hardscape applications. However, it’s not for every job. In this blog post, we’re going to shed some light on when Gator Base will make a good fit and some instances when it won’t.


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When to use Gator Base

Gator Base will save you time and money if you’re using it in the right application. The panels are made of a lightweight, high-density polypropylene. They’re incredibly easy to carry in and offload on a job site. Gator Base also replaces the need for the six inches of compacted crushed stone you’d use in a standard pedestrian paver installation. That said, there’s no need for deep excavation and the use of big, heavy equipment on a Gator Base job.

Here are some application types that Gator Base are most suitable for:

Jobs that are difficult to access
If your job site is obstructed by a fence or gate that can’t be moved … or perhaps involves hills or stairs that would be difficult to get heavy machinery through … then Gator Base is an option to consider.

Jobs with restricted construction zones
If your job site doesn’t have the space to store materials or can’t accommodate your excavation spoils, Gator Base would make a good fit.

Jobs that need to be completed quickly
In a recent side-by-side comparison test, Gator Base proved to be 57% faster than a traditional paver installation. (You can watch the time-lapse video here.)

Gator Base is incredibly easy to transport and install … and it can save you approximately 25% in labor costs!

Ok, now let’s discuss some application types that require some consideration before using Gator Base:

At this time, Gator Base is not recommended for vehicular use so it shouldn’t be used for driveways or parking areas.

Serpentine Walkways
Gator Base is great for the standard, linear walkways or pathways. When adding serpentine curves or other designs that feature an irregular shape, be sure to consider where you are placing and cutting to maximize the footprint of each Gator Base panel to minimize waste after cuts.

Jobs That Require Soil Amendment Or Replacement
One of the major benefits of using Gator Base is the fact you can save yourself from having to excavate the six inches required for crushed stone. If the soil on your job site needs to be severely amended or 24” of soils must be removed and replaced with crushed stone, then there’s no escaping excavation.

Raised Patios
In order to build a raised patio, you have to raise the ground up. Typically this is done with clean 3/4" stone or crushed stone. If you’re bringing in tons of crushed stone anyway, Gator Base really won’t provide much of a savings at that point.

Designs That Feature Pavers With Varying Thicknesses
Consider this simple fix if you’re installing pavers that have an inconsistent thickness (i.e. natural cleft flagstone or wet cast planks). You can use Gator Base and screed a layer of bedding sand on top of it to compact the pavers into and account for height differences. While it does add a step, your overall time savings with Gator Base may still make the added step a worthwhile application.

Now that you know the types of jobs that are ideal for Gator Base and those that require extra consideration, you can feel confident recommending it for the jobs that are the perfect fit! To learn more about Gator Base, be sure to download a copy of our most recent case study.

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