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January 28, 2016 • Jamie Tomassetti

What is polymeric sand?

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Ready to install an outdoor patio or pool surround? Before you begin, learn what polymeric sand is and how it will work to strengthen and protect your paver joints.


polymeric_sand_pool.jpgIn a nutshell, polymeric sand is used to fill in the joints or seams between brick pavers or natural stone. The main function of the product is to improve interlock while creating a highly durable hard surface. Not only will polymeric sand improve the strength and durability of your surface, but it will also stand up to freeze/thaw, extreme heat, and erosion!


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The Alliance Gator series of polymeric sands offer a number of special benefits, including:

- G2 with Rapid Set Technology (rain safe after 15 minutes!)
- 20% more polymers
- A 15-year limited warranty
- 1-hour Rainproof
- Works down to 32F
- 4 exclusive colors 

Interested in learning even more about polymeric sand? Download our free Polymeric Sand for Dummies Guide today!


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