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February 11, 2016 • Jamie Tomassetti

Watering Polymeric Sand

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If you’re using polymeric sand in your outdoor patio, pool, or walkway project, you’ll want to learn the best techniques for watering. It’s the one step of the installation process that can lead to major problems down the road if not performed properly. Applying too much water can wash away the polymers while applying too little can result in an incomplete activation of all the polymers … in both cases, the stabilization, durability, and overall look of your surface can be jeopardized. To ensure you end your paver project on a high note, check out these tips and tricks for watering polymeric sand.


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  • First off, it’s important to make sure you have an adjustable nozzle on your hose. You’ll want to use the shower setting when it’s time to water your polymeric sand.

  • If your surface has a slope, start at the lower end and work your way up.

  • Concentrate on small areas at a time (a good rule of thumb is 200 s.f. increments).

  • Generally speaking, you’ll want to perform three rounds of watering. The initial showering should be done at a height of about 4 ft. Wait no more than three to four minutes before performing the second round of showering at a height of about 2 ft. Lastly, shower and rinse simultaneously at a height of 2 ft. until you see a build-up of white foam or puddles on the pavers. This is when you’ll know to stop.

    IMPORTANT! If you're using G2 Polymeric Sand, only ONE watering is required! For more information on the G2 technology, click here.
  • Never allow the surface to dry out during the watering process. On a hot day, you’ll want to use special caution as you may need to move through the watering phases more quickly to prevent premature drying.

  • Be careful not to wash any of the sand out of the joints during the process. A gentle mist is all you need to use.

Follow these simple watering techniques and wrap up your polymeric sand project with confidence! 

Need an on-site reminder? Download our handy infographic onto your smart phone for step-by-step watering tips.