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December 19, 2023 • Mike Huber

Paver Edge Restraint: Xtreme Edge vs. Concrete

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We believe that Xtreme Edge is the best concrete edge restraint in the business. In this post, we’ll explain why by breaking down the major differences between Xtreme Edge and concrete.

Xtreme Edge is backed by all the leading paver companies in North America. It’s a high strength, fast setting, polymer modified, 3D microfiber mesh reinforced edge restraint for hardscape projects. Now that’s a mouthful! Let’s break it down, starting with the high strength and fast setting attributes.


xtreme attributes


Xtreme Edge is made using a blend of Type 1 and Type 3 cements, making it not only fast setting but, extremely strong. It also contains polymers. Polymers can help improve the performance of concrete and alter its properties a bit. In this case, the polymers create added flexibility. They also decrease the amount of water that’s needed to mix Xtreme Edge. This lower water-to-cement ratio ultimately results in a stronger mix.


xtreme water to cement ratio


Product Use Note: It only takes a half gallon of water to one bag of Xtreme Edge. It’s important to stick with the right mixture to avoid weakening the product!

Now let’s take a closer look at what’s in the mix.




3D microfiber mesh is a very advanced fiber reinforcement. While concrete is reinforced with rebar in many cases to keep it from cracking, this essentially serves the same purpose. The 3D microfiber mesh actually expands into spider web or lattice work of reinforcement when mixed and will help prevent or minimize cracking in the edge restraint.


High strength angular granite aggregate gives Xtreme Edge great workability and helps add to the superior strength of the product.


Type 1 and Type 3 cements give Xtreme Edge an added layer strength as well as the ability to set fast.


xtreme psi



We put Xtreme Edge to the test using a compressive strength machine in our laboratory in Montreal. The result: It tested out at just under 13,000 PSI. What does that look like compared to concrete? Regular concrete, whether it’s a bag or ready mix, is about 3,000 PSI, making Xtreme Edge about 4X as strong! 


Xtreme Edge Stronger Than Concrete CTA



Xtreme Edge is incredibly versatile. You can use it on a traditional job site with crushed stone and a sand setting bed. It can also be used on a permeable job with Gator Base. However, where it really shines is on a hybrid base application. Hybrid base uses a 3/4” clean stone as the base material and a #8 or #9 chip stone as the setting bed. It offers fantastic drainage properties and requires less compaction during the installation. The downfall: A plastic edge restraint with spikes will not hold in this type of application. Xtreme Edge is definitely an optimal solution here!

Watch our Xtreme Edge Spotlight video to see tips and tricks for a hybrid base application! 


Xtreme Edge Stronger Than Concrete CTA

Xtreme Edge is the ultimate edging solution for pavers, slabs, and natural stones. To learn more about how Alliance Gator hardscape accessories can enhance your next project, be sure to subscribe to our Gator Education YouTube Channel.


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