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September 29, 2016 • Mike Huber

Patio Installations For Beginners Made Possible With Gator Base

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Spencer Stewart, a SiteOne Landscape Supply employee, knew all about the features and benefits of Gator Base. His Alliance Sales Rep, AJ, had discussed the product with him many times. So when it came time to work on his own patio, Spencer decided to give Gator Base a try. He had never installed a paver before in his life but he was going to tackle this project regardless. The result: newfound evidence that Gator Base is user-friendly ... even for beginners! Read Spencer's story here.


After working at SiteOne Landscape Supply for over two years, and seeing paver jobs that my customers had installed, I wanted to attempt a patio installation of my own. The project kicked off with true grunt work. I used a jackhammer to demo the old concrete pad and removed it one full wheelbarrow at a time. After going through this process, I really didn’t want to go through the equally as grueling effort of hauling in stone and sand. I didn't have the heavy equipment, space, time, labor, nor the patience for it. That’s when Gator Base came to mind. I had seen the product and had several reassuring discussions about it with my sales rep, AJ Gall. So I decided to give it a try.

Upon completing all of the prep work on my job site, I was ready to get started. I recruited the help of my 20-year-old nephew and so it began. It took us less than two hours to wheelbarrow the materials, screed the sand, and lay the Gator Base (which we walked on and stacked the pavers on after laying). It took us less than four hours to carry in the pavers and lay them out.

I didn't have to use a chalk line because the lines on the Gator Base made it very easy to align the pavers. When I was done, everything came out perfectly square and looked amazing! Did I mention that prior to this project, I had never laid a paver in my life? Gator Base made the installation possible for a beginner … easy and fast!

Being it was my first paver project, I had ordered way too many pavers for the job (which I was planning to return). However, my wife took note of how easy the patio installation appeared to be and immediately requested a coordinating walkway. So it looks like I’ll be using Gator Base again in the very near future!

Spencer's story certainly sheds light on many of the wonderful features of Gator Base that we've been touting for quite some time now. So now the question is: when will you be giving it a try?