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September 28, 2016 • Mike Huber

How To Stabilize Decomposed Granite Using Gator Stone Bond

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Stabilizing your decomposed granite patio or pathway is easy using Gator Stone Bond. It's a simple, one-coat application and there are no expensive tools required! This product is even ready to use straight out of the pail. Before starting your project, be sure to read this 10-step installation guide!

Featured Photo: Decomposed granite pathway stabilized with Gator Stone Bond. Project installed by Bach & Co. of Clayton, NY. 


Preparation Notes
Be sure there is no rain in the forecast within 48 hours after your project. Also, factors such as climate, native soil type, and traffic levels should be taken into consideration prior to beginning your project. These will all play into which type of structural base you should use. Taking the necessary measures to properly prepare your job site will make all the difference in the performance of this product.

Step 1
Excavate 2-4” of existing soil. (For a commercial application, you should excavate 4-6.”)

Step 2
Compact and grade the soil using a laser or string line.

Step 3
Lay a geotextile down to prevent cross-contamination of the soil and the crushed stone.

Step 4
Prepare your structural base using an aggregate that contains a variety of sizes. For instance, crushed stone mixes such as 3/8 minus, 1/4 minus, or 3/16 minus work well with Gator Stone Bond. Single size aggregates like 3/8 rock or pea gravel are not suitable. To ensure the compatibility of selected aggregate with the Gator Stone Bond, we recommend preparing a test area first. And as always, you can contact a Gator Sales Rep. Compact using a vibratory plate compactor or a hand tamper in restricted areas.

Step 5
Spread 1” of your selected surface aggregate over the compacted structural stone base.

Step 6
Rake or screed the surface aggregate to the desired level and grade to allow for water runoff. Do NOT compact until AFTER the Gator Stone Bond has been applied.

Step 7
Apply Gator Stone Bond with a watering can or sprayer. For pedestrian/residential applications, we recommend one gallon per 15 square feet; for pedestrian/commercial applications, use one gallon per 10 square feet.

Step 8
Allow the Gator Stone Bond to fully penetrate through the surface aggregate.

Step 9
While the surface is still damp (but not saturated), compact using a vibratory plate compactor. Two to three passes is recommended. Again, use a hand tamper in restricted areas. The better the compaction, the better the results.

Step 10
Allow the Gator Stone Bond to cure for 24-48 hours at a temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: Always be sure to have a proper edge restraint installed to contain base and surface materials from migrating.

To watch the video of how all of this gets done, tune into our Alliance Gator YouTube channel!

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