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April 15, 2016 • Mike Huber

How To Install Pavers With Varying Heights

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Hardscaping with materials of varying heights is possible! Check out how we applied our technique on a test Gator Base installation.

Mixing 80mm and 60mm pavers or natural stone on the same job might sound frightening. But we have a creative technique to share that will make your installation of mixed materials very simple!

Our design featured 2 3/8" pavers with an inlay of 2" bluestone in the center, installed on Gator Base. To make up for the height difference, we simply used a 2-by-4 with block pins hammered into the ends for screeding. While we were working on a test pad, we’d recommend taping the block pins in order to prevent scratching the adjacent pavers on a real job. (Note: A 2-by-4 notched to fit could be used in lieu of the 2-by-4 with pins.) This homemade tool and technique allowed us to easily prep the section of sand for the thinner material and achieve the perfect height!   

So there you have it!


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