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August 23, 2021 • Mike Huber

Gator Nitro: Contractor Q&A

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Earlier this year we hosted a special virtual training session on Gator Nitro. (You can view it here.) Throughout this course, we had a lot of great questions submitted by contractors. We’re going to answer the most commonly asked Gator Nitro questions right here.


Why should I use Gator Nitro instead of polymeric sand? 

As we did in the training session, we’ll make one thing clear right off the bat. Gator Nitro is not meant to replace polymeric sand. It offers a unique set of benefits, however, that might make it a more suitable choice for your particular project. You might consider using Gator Nitro over poly sand in any one of these situations:

  • When time is of the essence. Gator Nitro can be installed rain or shine so there are no days off when working with it. 

  • When permeability is important. Poly sands are not permeable. Some homeowners want a permeable application without the look of chips on the surface. Gator Nitro is a great option for these situations because it’s permeable when installed. (Note: To keep it permeable, simple routine cleaning is a must.)

  • When you want a finished look. If you want to simulate the look of a mortar joint on a natural stone job, you can tool a Gator Nitro joint to create that nice finished surface.

  • When you want ultimate strength. Gator Nitro provides top-to-bottom strength within the joint. Because of this, it’s critically important to make sure there is zero movement of the pavers or natural stone prior to installing this product. Also, paver applications that receive heavy amounts of vehicular traffic are subject to lots of movement. Gator Nitro is only recommended for pedestrian use and residential driveways at this time.

How long is the set time? 

Gator Nitro sets up in about 18 hours. Low temperatures and water will slow this process down.

Will Nitro cause efflorescence or hazing on the pavers? 

Gator Nitro will definitely not cause efflorescence as this is a natural occurrence in pavers and comes out of the pavers themselves. It also won’t turn the pavers white however, the resins that bind Gator Nitro together can stain the surface if you don’t pre-wet it properly. 

Can Gator Nitro be installed on concrete? 

Gator Nitro must be installed on a drainage base. Remember, this product is permeable so if you had a non-drainage base and let water through it, it can certainly cause issues. So no concrete overlays!

Can Gator Nitro be used on clay pavers or natural stone?

Yes. In fact, Gator Nitro is ideal for natural stone and many clay pavers as well. You’ll just need to be careful with the joint height. You need at least a 1” deep joint height for Gator Nitro to perform properly. As long as your natural stone pavers can accommodate this joint height, you’re good to go. With clay brick pavers, you’ll need to be conscious of the surface texture. If Gator Nitro gets into the pores and void space, it might be very difficult to wash out.

Does Gator Nitro come backed by a warranty?

Gator Nitro has a 5 Year Warranty. We don’t know of any competitive products that offer this. 

Can it be used around a pool?

Gator Nitro is a great option for a pool deck because of its permeability factor. Any water that lands on the surface can soak right through the joints. 

What joint widths is Gator Nitro recommended for?

Gator Nitro will perform in joint widths that are a minimum of 3/16” and a maximum 2.”

What colors are available?

Gator Nitro is available in Beige, Grey and Black. These colors are a little bolder than their poly sand counterparts however. While the gradation in the raw materials is the same, the colors will be slightly darker because of the resins used to make Gator Nitro.


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