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January 18, 2017 • Jamie Tomassetti

A Thermal Bluestone Sealing Success Story

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Todd Phelan, of Arnold Lumber in West Kingston, RI, writes in to share a recent success story involving sealing a thermal bluestone patio with our Signature Series Natural Look Sealer for natural stone. 

Quality products. Quality service. World Class technical support. All part of our #TotalCommitment to YOU. We're proud to share a real-life success story (submitted by Todd Phelan of Arnold Lumber), which exemplifies this commitment and the results we can achieve together! 


In May of 2016, a homeowner had hired a contractor to seal their 500 square foot thermal bluestone patio. The end result was far from what they expected. The sealer had not only puddled in certain areas, but also appeared to be flaking over most of the patio. Needless to say, the homeowner was very upset and dissatisfied.

Shortly thereafter the homeowner and their new contractor came to see us at Arnold Lumber. We discussed the failed job in detail and I assured them that I would aid from start to finish on fixing their patio. And so the repairs began.

The new contractor tore the entire job apart and installed brand new thermal bluestone, this time extending the square footage to 650 square feet. During the installation period, I had contacted Alliance and was directed to the Technical Support Team. I was immediately provided with in-depth product knowledge and given detailed information on the do’s and don’ts of sealing natural stone. I learned A LOT. Proceeding further discussion of this particular job, it was recommended that the contractor use Alliance’s new Signature Series Natural Look Sealer.

After speaking to Tech Support, I felt confident that we had found the right product for the job. So I prepared a sample of 12x12 thermal bluestone and sealed half of it with the Signature Series Natural Look Sealer. I then arranged a meeting with the contractor and homeowner to demonstrate how water repels off the sealed half of the sample and absorbs into the other half. During the demo, I further educated the contractor on the process for correctly applying the sealant. Feeling confident with the research I had done, and seeing the sealed sample for himself, the contractor bought and applied the Signature Series Natural Look Sealer to the 650 square foot job.

Weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard anything from the contractor … so I assumed “no news must be good news.” Soon enough, however, the contractor came back in to see me and praised the Signature Series Natural Look Sealer. He even said that he plans to use it on all of his natural stone jobs moving forward!

Eventually the homeowner invited me to their property to see the results. The patio looked beautiful! But the endless smiling during my visit was proof enough … the job was a pure success!

Because of this success story, our team at Arnold Lumber has become extremely confident in selling Alliance sealants, whether it be for natural stone jobs or paver jobs. Many times we find our customers and contractors are simply misinformed about sealing their patios, walls, hearthstones, etc. Alliance has made it easy for us to educate our customers and have them leave feeling they are in “good hands.”

I can’t thank you enough for making our jobs easier. Since this project, we have had many more success stories with our natural stones … bluestone, brown wave sandstone, granite … there’s too many to list! We look forward to more success stories and jobs using Alliance products in the future.


Todd Phelan
Supervisor, Arnold Lumber


Did this story inspire you to learn more about sealing natural stone? Some of the tips we gave Todd are available in this free slide share! Download your copy today!

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