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September 20, 2016 • Mike Huber

6 Reasons To Use Gator Stone Bond To Stabilize Decomposed Granite

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If you’re planning to install an outdoor patio, pathway or any xeriscaping using decomposed granite, this article will outline six key reasons to use Gator Stone Bond for the project.

Featured Photo: Decomposed granite pathway stabilized with Gator Stone Bond. Project installed by Bach & Co. of Clayton, NY. 


Decomposed granite (or DG) is a great option for a variety of different hardscaping applications. It’s available in many different colors, provides a soft yet natural appearance, offers great drainage, and is relatively simple to install. (To learn more about DG, read our blog post A Crushed Granite Patio or Pathway: Could It Be Right For You?) If you’re using DG in an area that gets foot traffic, stabilizing the material is critical. Here are six benefits to using our Gator Stone Bond for your outdoor patio or pathway.

1. Easy Install
Applying Gator Stone Bond is an easy, one-coat process. You don’t need expensive tools or an extensive hardscaping background to install it. The product is also ready to use straight out of the pail! And finally, the DG material is generally easy to source in most areas.

2. Bonding Strength
Not only will Gator Stone Bond stabilize and strengthen the surface, but it can also be used on a wide variety of different aggregates. It is available in regular, or our stronger formula, XP version.

3. Durability
Natural or loose decomposed granite is easily affected by erosion. The use of a stabilizer will help resist surface erosion from both rainwater and foot traffic. Gator Stone Bond will also reduce dust and migration of the aggregate.

4. Increased Usage
Loose DG can become muddy and messy when wet. Stabilizing the surface will allow you to utilize your patio or pathway no matter what the outside conditions are like.

5. Safe
Gator Stone Bond will not harm nearby plants or vegetation. It is perfect for xeriscaping projects.

6. Green
Non-harmful to the environment, Gator Stone Bond is EPA compliant.

Now that you know the benefits of Gator Stone Bond, check out how easy the installation can be on the Alliance Gator YouTube Channel!

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