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August 17, 2017 • Jamie Tomassetti

Sealer Series #5: 5 Things To Discuss With Your Sealing Clients

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This is Post 5 of our #SummerSealerSeries and we'll be talking about how to set the right expectations for your sealing client.

The first part of every sealing job is understanding your client’s needs and wants. It will then be your responsibility to choose a sealer that will best fit the project. And if the client’s expectations are unattainable, it’s your job to give them the reasons why and suggest other viable solutions. At the forefront of this process stands your product knowledge!

You’re the expert and someone is relying on you to recommend a sealer and install it correctly. By being thorough from the get-go, you’ll not only pave the way for a more organized project, but you’ll also score a major vote of confidence and avoid potential issues.

Here are five items to review with your client before getting the project started...


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1. Show them sealed samples.
If the client is looking for gloss or color enhancement, you should always present them with a sealed sample so they have a visual of what the end result might look like. You’ll also want to discuss if and how sealing will impact slip resistance. Once they decide, have them sign and date the back of their desired sample with a Sharpie.

2. Give an overview.
Briefly walk your client through the steps of sealing so they know what to expect on the jobsite. Explain the general sealing process and clarify the length of time their surface will be off limits for.

3. Warn about weather.
The weather plays a huge role in the successful outcome of a sealer project. Let your client know what the optimal conditions need to be in order for you to complete the project and that rain or extreme temperatures may move the date.

4. Be prepared with a quote.
When your client asks you for a price, don’t fumble around and take wild guesses at the numbers. If you’re in the business of cleaning and sealing, it’s imperative to have a formalized quoting process. When you present an itemized (and well-thought-out) quote to your client, it will significantly boost their confidence in you and certainly elevate your level of professionalism.

Be sure to download a copy of our Cleaning & Sealing Quote Worksheet to help get started!

5. Discuss future maintenance.
Educate your client on how often they should reseal their outdoor surface in order to keep it protected and looking sharp. Depending on the level of traffic it gets, the timeframes may vary so be sure to have an idea of average usage. Also discuss the importance of routine cleaning and cross-sell these other services!

For tips and tricks on starting a lucrative cleaning and sealing business, download a free copy of this informative case study!

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