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June 08, 2016 • Mike Huber

4 Things To Do Before Sealing Your Pavers

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Sealing an outdoor patio or walkway will help protect your investment. But before diving straight into the process, you’ll want to perform the tasks on this pre-sealing to-do list.


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1. See what the manufacturer has to say.
Before even making a trip to your local hardscape supply store, take time to review the paver manufacturer’s specifications for sealing. This will give you important insight on the types of sealing products that are safe to use on your pavers and the appropriate waiting period before applying sealer to new pavers.


2. Check the weather.
In most cases, a sealer should only be applied to pavers that are completely dry. So confirm there won’t be any rain in the forecast for a full 24 hours prior to starting your project. You also won’t want to perform a sealing job in extreme temperatures. As a rule of thumb, 60-80 degrees is usually ideal. You also don’t want any rain for 24 hours after a sealer application.

3. Clean!
We truly can’t stress the importance of this step enough! (Actually, it’s so important that we invested in printing special “reminder to clean” labels for all of our sealing products!) Not only will you want to clean stains from your pavers prior to sealing, but you’ll also want to take care of any efflorescence. This cleaning step preps the pavers to allow the sealer to bond properly. Note: Be sure to read our blog post, 8 Facts About Efflorescence, prior to beginning your project. 

4. Remove contaminated sand from the joints.
If you’re going to tackle the process of sealing, don’t take any shortcuts. Be sure to remove any contaminated sand from the joints and replace it with a polymeric sand. Note: If you’re going to replace sand, the efflorescence cleaning should be done after you replace the polymeric sand and before you seal. For more details, read our 10-Step Polymeric Sand Installation Guide.

Once you’ve checked these four important steps off your to-do list, you’ll be ready and set to seal!


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