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September 07, 2021 • Mike Huber

3D micro-fiber-mesh-reinforced structural edge...that's a mouthful!

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If you’ve read anything about our new Xtreme Edge product, you might have seen the term micro-fiber-mesh-reinforced structural edge. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful. In this post we’re going to break down the jargon and explain what it actually means.

First, let’s quickly recap what Xtreme Edge is. This product, in very simple terms, is rigid edging for hardscape applications. The aggregate in Xtreme Edge is #9 Stone … it’s granite, angular, and makes the product very easy to mix and work with. It also makes the product very strong. In fact, through rigorous lab testing, we’ve discovered it’s actually more than twice as strong as traditional concrete mix! Here’s why:



You typically reinforce concrete with rebar. And most concrete with fiber reinforcement has only a single filament fiber, just like a single stick of rebar. That works great if a crack happens across that fiber … but what happens if it occurs a quarter inch away? You’re really not getting any support.

The 3D micro-fiber-mesh in Xtreme Edge expands into a matrix as the product gets mixed and will provide support and reinforcement throughout the entire edge restraint structure. With that said, the fiber is really a differentiating factor in Xtreme Edge. Concrete can crack and Xtreme Edge is no exception. Fortunately, all of the fiber that’s added to it will ensure that it doesn’t fall apart and disintegrate. You’ll have a long-lasting edge restraint that still provides support against lateral movement whether it cracks a little bit or not.



Another term we use to describe Xtreme Edge is polymer-modified. So what does polymer-modified mean when it comes to concrete?

Concrete gets really hard. However, it’s a product that has room for improvement. And that’s what we’ve done through the addition of polymers. Because Xtreme Edge is polymer-modified:

  • The amount of water you have to put into the mix is reduced. 
  • It’s easier to mix.
  • It’s more flexible than traditional concrete.

So the polymers are actually a fantastic addition to the Xtreme Edge!

Curious to learn more about the particular types of applications best suited for Xtreme Edge? Be sure to watch the ON-DEMAND training session we have available online!


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