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August 09, 2021 • Mike Huber

3 Things You Should Know About The Packaging Of Gator Nitro

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Gator Nitro is our newest air-cured resin-based jointing material. The name comes from the fact that nitrogen plays an integral part in the packaging of this product. Because it’s air-cured, as soon as Gator Nitro is exposed to oxygen, it starts to react and harden up. That’s why we’ve invested in the packaging of this product to ensure it’s fully protected until you go to use it on a job site! Here are 3 things you should know about the packaging of Gator Nitro.


1. injected with nitrogen

When you purchase a bucket of Gator Nitro, you’ll immediately see that its packaging is differentiated from the competition. We use a heavy duty plastic bag, inject it with nitrogen, and vacuum seal it. This bag is then placed into a 5 gallon bucket, which also gets injected with nitrogen and sealed off. The process of injecting nitrogen ensures the product won’t react prematurely. It’s also worth mentioning that the bucket itself is extremely durable so the product won’t become compromised even when being moved or jostled around.


Polymeric Sand vs. Gator Nitro Play Button


2. Easy To Read Installation advice

Installing Gator Nitro is very different from installing polymeric sand. That’s why we’ve created special labels and affixed them to the lids of every bucket. These labels clearly highlight the 3 most important tips for using Gator Nitro:

1. Make sure the surface is wet.
2. Ensure there is no stone or paver movement prior to installation.
3. Pedestrian use only.

(For step-by-step instructions for installing Gator Nitro, watch this video.)


Knowing what color sand is inside the bucket should be an easy determination. That’s why we’ve clearly labeled every bucket of Gator Nitro.

Now that you’ve learned about all the features of Gator Nitro’s unique packaging, it’s time to discover what’s inside the bucket. Watch this short video, which quickly explains what Gator Nitro is all about.


Polymeric Sand vs Gator Nitro CTA