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October 24, 2017 • Jamie Tomassetti

3 Things We Didn't Share At HNA

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With all the excitement at this year's HNA event in Louisville, KY, we couldn't possibly squeeze in everything we wanted to show you ... so here's a quick rundown on three things we'd still like to share! 

1. G2 Intelligent Polymeric Sand: The Pour Test

As you might know, the big show at the Alliance booth was our new G2 Intelligent Polymeric Sand. While we've been talking up the four main benefits (1. No Dust 2. No Haze 3. No Blower 4. One Watering), it's now time to see the difference for yourself. Here's a video of the Pour Test! 

G2 GIF2-1.gifG2 (shown left) aces the Pour Test! 

2. The eBook On Paver Sealing

Did you know that we published our first-ever eBook this summer? Written from the unique perspective of those who investigate problem jobs and field thousands of sealer questions each year, the eBook On Paver Sealing features 40+ pages of highly informative content specifically on cleaning and sealing! It's a one-of-a-kind resource that every hardscape professional must read. Request your free copy by clicking here!

3. Geotextile & Geogrid Pocket Guide

If you visited our booth at HNA, you may have noticed that we now carry many different types of geotextiles and grids. But which applications are best suited for each one? Well, our Geotextile & Geogrid Pocket Guide has the answers! This colorful quick reference breaks down the different types of geotextiles and geogrids, making it easy to determine the best product for your hardscape project. Download your free copy by clicking the button below!

Download Pocket Guide!

To see all the photos we took during this year's HNA Event, be sure to visit our Facebook page


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